Sunday Sessions

Sonntagabend nochmal die Couch verlassen? Nur wenn es sich lohnt! Und ein Besuch der Sunday Sessions im Lost Weekend lohnt sich tatsächlich, da man hier in ziemlich entspannter Atmosphäre feine Live-Musik auf die Ohren bekommt. Heute frei nach dem Motto: Folk Pop meets Folk Rock! Mit:

Liffey Looms

Two people, one band. Powerful though sensitive harmonies by guitar and bass and mostly the rhythm section on the singer’s feet build the foundation for the two-part singing of the Folk-Pop Duo. Like that an unexpected bandsound is created. From early 2013 on the two German musicians from Ulm experiment on their timbre together which critics call among others as „natural“, „highly sensitive“, „very dynamic“ and „contrastive“. „In the melting pot of their voices no note is too short. “ (Augsburger Allgemeine)

Wouter Hogers

Wouter Hogers is a Dutch singer-songwriter and guitarist based in Berlin. His soulful, acoustic folk rock style is inspired by artists such as Nick Drake, J.J. Cale and Johnny Cash, as well as a variety of music he encountered while performing and living in several countries across Europe. Hogers’s original tunes combine graceful fingerpicking with poignant lyrics and dark, powerful vocals. His tour throughout The Netherlands in Fall 2017 caught the attention of the country’s top music magazine, 3Voor12Leiden.