Munich Underground Filmfest

„Are you ready for the Underground? Yes we are.“

Gut, dass der Untergrund heute in München gastiert, genauer im Museum-Lichtspiele. Zu sehen gibt es Kurzfilme, aber auch einige längere Filme, verschiedenster Genres und aus den unterschiedlichsten Teilen dieser Welt. Deswegen werden die Filme auch im Original mit englischen Untertiteln gezeigt. Gewisse Sprachkenntnisse sind also von Vorteil.

Und was gibt’s zu sehen:

1) Nostalgia – by German Director Natascha Zink. Two friends meet up and discuss life and their future. The simple everyday talks combined with drugs and alcohol become more serious as the night prolongs and a romantic tension is built between the two friends until the morning breaks. This will be the last time they ever see each other.

2) Mother – by Ukrainian Director by Iryna Zhygaliuk. Set in WWII Ukraine under the Nazi occupation, Mother recounts a widowed woman’s struggle for survival with her two children while remaining hidden within the confines of an old barn.

3) Mediation – by Spanish Director Francisco Lorite. A divorce mediation spirals out of control for a husband, his soon-to-be ex-wife and their court-appointed mediator

4) Flint – by British Director Meena Ayittey. Flint is a dissatisfied, dislike- able and disgruntled man who lives in London. After surviving a horrific car accident thanks to a blood transfusion, Flint is overwhelmed with gratitude and asks to meet his blood donor.

5) Myrtille – By French Director Florian Poupelin. Myrtille is perfect. She’s all he ever dreamed of. He could even die for her… Their surrealistic passion starts on cloud nine and will finish six feet under. But in the end, love always steps up and gives itself a new chance

6) The Nothing Man – By American Director Joey Cassaro. After finding out his job is going to be outsourced, John Cleary, decides to rally his men and fight. This depression era drama shows the lengths a man will go for his family and the America he was promised.

7) Ferdinand Knapp – By Italian Director Andrea Baldini. Ferdinand Knapp is the pre-eminent actor of French theatre, revered by all. In preparing for a new play, the lines between his character’s malevolent personality and his own begin to blur. His double warps his reality into a nightmare and compels him to commit an irredeemable act. Freely inspired by the astronautic-cathodic vicissitudes of the great mining engineer of the mental system.