Munich Underground FilmFest

Im Neues Maxim Kino ist an diesem Sonntag ganz schön was los. Nicht nur, weil das Kino sowieso großartig ist – sondern weil hier heute außerdem das Munich Underground FilmFest stattfindet. Viele noch unbekannte Filme könnt ihr hier entdecken. Gezeigt werden sie meistens als Original mit Untertiteln. Und so sieht das Programm aus:

A world-travelling pop-up festival in Germany, Iceland, USA, Saigon and Cameroon, Underground FilmFest showcases various genres of independent films from around the world. October 1, we bring to the Neues-Maxim kino a night of crime, law and justice-themed selection of award winning drama and suspense shorts by independent filmmakers from Germany, Hungary and the US.

JUSTICE SERVED (USA, D: Patrick Rea, approx. 13 minutes)
Synopsis: A young man is on trial for a crime in this short film that blends court room drama and science fiction, Twilight Zone-style. Starring Davis DeRock, Elisa James and Jason Miller.

NOIRE (Hungary, D: Róbert Odegnál, approx. 18 minutes)
Synopsis: “Justice without force is powerless; force without justice is tyrannical.” At daytime Ervin works as a teacher in a suburban school where he tries to survive among the deviant students and apathetic teachers. At night he spends every minutes to finish his first comic book for a little publishing house. He tirelessly draws his noir world where gangsters and corrupt policemen fight the local man of justice, the private investigator. One day he finds one of his students with serious injuries in the school-yard and he suspects that’s not an accident. Ervin tries to investigate the case while the atmosphere around him begins to change, it seems the noir-world from his comics starts to appear beyond the school walls and his character slowly turns into his protagonist, the private investigator.

ANGEL BULLET (USA; D: Benji Stinson , approx. 20 mins)
Synopsis: Merging the action, LGBT and Exploitation genres, this unusual selection comes from California. Cold blooded, ruthless killer Jane meets with her fixer Quinn, to receive the toughest contract hit of her life: To murder crime syndicate boss Hugh O’Neill and his enforcer Jean Melville. Jane gladly accepts the hit and all hell breaks loose. Jane takes a lover along the way, who holds a mystery that ties their ordeal to the hit.

MEDIATION (US, D: Francisco Lorite, approx. 15 mins)
Synopsis: A divorce mediation spirals out of control for a husband (Freddy Rodriguez), his soon-to-be ex-wife (Marley Shelton) and their court-appointed mediator (Marilyn Sanabria)
About The Director: Underground FilmFest Award winner Francisco Lorite is from Spain. He wrote and directed his first film at 14 and left for the US six years later, teaching himself English by watching tons of great films and loads of bad TV. While in NYC, he appeared as an actor in Off-Broadway plays, indie films and too many car commercials. He also became a member of the Shakespeare Lab at the celebrated Joseph Papp Public Theatre.
MEDIATION is a short-film he wrote-directed about a divorce mediation gone *terribly* wrong; it stars Freddy Rodriguez (“Six Feet Under”, “Grindhouse”, etc.), Marley Shelton (“Sin City”, “Scream 4”, etc.); it is currently on the festival circuit and has been licensed for broadcast on Jennifer Lopez‘ NUVOtv network.

LAST TRAIN HOME (Germany, D: Ansgar Glatt, approx. 19 mins)
Synopsis: 2015 Underground FilmFest audience awards for Best Cinematography and Sound/Music. Boris T. loses it in the subway when he is asked for his ticket and then brutally assaults ticket inspector Christian. Christian sees his life dramatically altered by the attack. Boris‘ incarceration alone cannot correct what has happened. Also Emily struggles with the aftermath. No one wants to have anything to do with the sister of a thug. While she tries to deal with the consequences of the assault over which she had no control, Christian cannot forget what has happened to him. To take revenge on the imprisoned Boris he needs Emily. As she takes the last train home one night, Christian gets on the train. In this abandoned world under the city, Christian must show if he is as capable as his attacker…
About the Director: Underground FilmFest award-winner Ansgar Glatt was born in 1988 in Freiburg i. Brg/Germany. He continued in this field, working on features, documentaries and commercials, with his dream in mind of shooting his own movie one day.