Live! Rey Lenon & Don’t Go

Schnappt euch einen Drink, macht es euch bequem und bleibt zuhause — dieses Konzert kommt zu euch ins Wohnzimmer! Seayou Records haben da etwas für euch organisiert. Über Youtube könnt ihr heute Abend zwei Konzerte in einem erleben. Für euch spielen:

8 PM: Rey Lenon
Rey Lenon, young musician from Vienna, has a trained opera voice and is highly proficient on classical piano, yet she turned to pop music to express her feelings and deal with personal experiences. The first single MCKY was released on Seayou Records in October 2019. Her debut album, also on Seayou Records, is expected to be released in autumn 2020.

9 PM: Don’t Go
Don’t Go are on a quest for the real, the dark and the beautiful, for that which lies beyond shallow conventions, in music, as well as in life. Their music is not shy of vulnerability, whether in the surprisingly straightforward lyrics and the soulful vocals, or their performances when they choose to rely on live looping rather than on the relative safety of having a laptop on stage.