Hit Git & Split No. 33

Huuui, da wird uns ja schon vom lesen schwindlig. Aber die Kongress Bar verspricht zusammen mit DJ Gonzalez heute Abend auch so einiges:

Cheers, Folks! – R U ready, really ready? Prepare for the next round of pumpin‘, stompin‘ and boppin‘ R&B at Hit Git & Split No. 33!! We’re proud & happy to announce the next very special guest for this edition: DJ GONZALEZ – all the way from Kempten-Town & his bag full of rare 45-monsters – the finest in rockabilly, R&B & a whole lotta more!

Can’t wait to meet u all at the dance floor – put on your finest gab, get down on your knees & dance your feet to the bone! If you should miss to join us at your favourite high-class cocktail-joint, the Kongress Bar, you are definately beyond any help!! So get ready to celebrate HIT & GIT & SPLIT No. 33 with us!

As usually presented by your favourite drinking pals & residents: Munich’s DJ THE CAT’S PYJAMAS – the big, blonde swing, R&B, jive & rockabilly-bomber feat. DJ HOWLIN’ MAX MESSER – deep down from the GoGo-Club-Swamps of Auxburg – voodoo-master, coalminer & rockabilly-soul-beat-black rock & roll – monster…