Auf eine „blaue Stunde“ dürft ihr euch heute im MMA freuen. Tanzt – das Wochenende hat begonnen!

>> BLUE HOUR [ Ostgut Ton, Grounded Theory | Berlin ]
>> STENNY [ ILIAN TAPE | Munich ]
>> JAVIER BÄHR [ From Another Mind| Munich ]
>> PAUL JUNK [ Tuesday Slump | Munich ]
>> MOLTONGROOVE [ MMA | Munich ]

Under the guise Blue Hour, British producer/DJ Luke Standing has carved his unique imprint and distinctive sound not only onto the UK Techno scene but the global Dance community as a whole. A series of notably designed 12″s delve forward and strike classically with a fresh, exciting fusion of functionality and traditionalism of dancefloor focused Techno, intimately driven by the spirit and energy of the 90s, Millsian futurism and timeless Electronica. (RA)